Create a New Page or Post

By this quick tutorial you will learn how to create a new page(s) or post(s) on your website

  • 1. To create a new page go to Pages > Add New and for post go to Posts > Add New
  • 2. Insert your new page title
  • 3. Insert some content for this new page
  • 4. Click on Publish button to create this page
  • 5. Backend editor is page builder that allows you to add element in page such as video, button, etc
  • 6. Frontend editor is visual page builder that allows you to add element in page such as video, button
  • 7. Options for editor such as font size, font family, font style and etc.
  • 8. If you want to add HTML code or shortcodes in the editor, change editor mode to text
  • 9. Post status, date and visibility for visitors
  • 10. Page attributes that you can set parent of this page (Optional)
  • 1. Set custom page layout for this page
  • 2. Set custom sidebar position for this page
  • 3. Page content gap, as your needs
  • 4. Body background color or image for this page
  • 5. Hide header only on this page
  • 6. Hide footer only on this page
  • 7. One page menu only on this page
  • 8. Header styling and title or slider settings
  • 1. Custom header position for this page
  • 2. Custom title or slider type
  • 3. Header background or title background of tpage, according to header position and title type
  • 4. Custom styling for page title according to title type
  • 5. Breadcrumbs color and size
  • 6. Background of header top bar
  • 7. Background of middle header row
  • 8. Background of header bottom bar
  • 9. Background of overall header all rows
  • 10. Background of fixed side if theme options was set to fixed side

Back-end Editor with Page Builder

Click on Backend Editor button then you will see page builder welcome screen like this

Now click on + Add Element then you will see list of page builder elements, select Button element

Now you can see button element has been added to page builder editor and you can also see button settings modal box, So make your changes and click on save button. Now update page and see your page live.

Front-end Editor with Page Builder

Click on Frontend Editor to see live editor page builder welcome screen like second shot

  • 1. Page builder logo and loading
  • 2. Add Element(s) in the page
  • 3. Add premade Template(s) in the page
  • 4. Preview mode, Will disable grids and controls of elements
  • 5. Page title option and custom CSS for page
  • 6. View page in responsive modes such as mobile
  • 7. Back to back-end editor
  • 8. Update current page and save changes
  • 9. Close page builder and see live site
  • 10. Add element(s) in the page
  • 11. Add only Text element in the page
  • 12. Add premade template(s) in the page
  • 1. Edit Row settings
  • 2. Change number of Row Columns
  • 3. Prepend column to current Row
  • 4. Duplicate Row
  • 5. Delete Row with its content
  • 6. Column settings
  • 7. Edit element
  • 8. Duplicate element
  • 9. Delete element
  • 10. Its button element
  • 11. Button element settings modal box
  • 12. Add new element in same column after button

Set Slider for Specific Page(s)

Our theme is fully compatible with an extremely powerful Revolution Slider plugin.

  • 1. Go to Appearance > Revolution Slider
  • 2. You can edit your current slider
  • 3. Create new slider

Now insert new slider title and slug then click on save icon and wait for loading next page.

Follow below shot to add Background Image for your slide

Follow below shot to add title, caption, etc. to your slide

If you want to create another slider click on Add Slider area and do steps again to add background and title or etc.

Finally go to Dashboard > Pages and edit your page which you want to have slider and like below shot go to page settings and set slider name.